Combining Old World craftsmanship with the latest construction Innovations

Our Philosophy

Construction Management was developed as an answer to the adversarial and often vicious process of lump sum construction.  Owners were finding themselves exhausted from the bickering that General Construction presented them with, and wanted an adviser that could serve as a builder while still looking after the their own interest.  It is with this understanding that we operate and how we choose to go about our role as a Construction Manager – eliminating as much as possible from this ineffective manner of construction.  We go to great lengths to earn our clients trust and assure them that our actions are in their best interest by eliminating potential conflicts of interest; as an example, Pathmann Construction Management does not charge for the supervision of an unforeseen condition uncovered during the construction process.   We believe it is inappropriate to benefit from our client’s loss.  If a client wants to make changes; however, we will accommodate them there as well, charging them the same fee for additional work as we charge for during the bidding process.  It is this approach that has us truly acting as an owner’s agent the way construction management was intended to be practiced.   Of course this method of compensation also puts the onus on us to determine the full extent of the work and identify missing scope from the contract documents, further benefiting the owner because they receive a greater knowledge of the costs required before work begins.

Our commitment to quality is unsurpassed; our founder and current President, Jeff Pathmann started what became this company 25+ years ago as a luxury home-builder and those roots still remain, even in the commercial/municipal markets where quality is often overlooked.  When combined with our modern project delivery systems and adaptations to the changing technologies you will see why our tagline “combining old world craftsmanship with the latest construction innovations” is more than just marketing, it’s a philosophy that will have you as proud of your finished product as we are.